Meet The Flame Bowerbird – The Vibrant, Sunset-Colored, Creative Bird Engineer (10 Pics)


The flame bowerbird is absolutely stunning, with its vibrant, colorful plumage which resembles a sunset, this bird is not easy to miss!

Flame bowerbird - Wikipedia

Other than the deep red head and neck and vibrant orange body, these flirtatious birds stand out feature is their eyes.

BBC One - Life Story - How we made it: The flame bowerbird's stage  performance

Native to the rainforests of New Guinea, when this bird is in full courtship mode, it’s eyes are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Flame Bowerbird - eBird

It will pulse its pupil size in an incredible display to attract a mate, see this in action in the video below:

But that’s not all this unique bird gets up to when mating, it’s best known for its intricately bult nests.

Flame Bowerbird - eBird

These extraordinary engineers will build and maintain the most elaborate of structures called bowers (hence the name), to attract a mate.

Flame Bowerbird - Brilliant Colorful Rainforest Bird - Charismatic Planet

It is difficult to believe that a medium sized bird like this could creature such a complicated structure.

Flame Bower Bird (Sericulus ardens) | Bird of the trip for m… | Flickr

Little is known about these bird’s diet, we do know they prefer to eat fruit and insects and they forage in pairs or trios.

Once a mate has been chosen, the female will build a separate nest made of softer materials such as leaves to lay her eggs.

Flame Bowerbird- one of brilliantly colored bowerbird - Environmental Earth

Dancing with the Birds' celebrates stunning avian breeding displays

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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