Meet The Black-Naped Monarch – The Bright Blue Flying Gem (8 Pics)

Meet the black-naped monarch, a slim and agile bird found in southern Asia.

Most commonly characterised by its males sporting a bright blue plumage and a distinctive black patch on the back of its head.

Black-Naped Monarch | Thailand - Kaeng Krachan National Park… | Flickr

Whereas the females are mainly greyish-brown without the black patch, they both stretch to around 16cm long.

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They have a distinctive call, similar to the Asian paradise flycatcher bird, which means they are known to join in pairs and make mixed-species foraging flocks.

Hypothymis azurea - Kaeng Krachan.jpg

These unique birds travel across the tropical areas of South Asia, from Iran to Sri Lanka to the Philippines.

Black-naped Monarch - eBird

They prefer thick forests and habitats with a lot of wood.

The black-naped monarchs breeding season is in India from May to July. They lay around 2-3 eggs in their nest.

Black-naped Monarch - eBird

Their nest ‘cup’ is usually lined with filaments of webbing and fungi, these are known to produce antibiotics and can help protect the young from infection.

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This ingenious nest is built by the mother while the father guards. Both parents incubate and both feed the young.

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