Man Finds A Stray Dog In His Car And Immediately Falls Asleep

Rodrigo Coelho and his wife drove to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine, but they left with much more than they bargained for.

Dogs often have a good sense of people, just like this dog, who picked the right car to sit in at the right time.

When the man returned, he found the adorable dog and caught by surprise “He got into my car without any worries, sat on the seat and didn’t want to leave again.”

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The man in questions name is Rodrigo Coelho. He himself has a few dogs and decided to take the dog back to his house and try to search for his owner.

Rodrigo could tell by the dog’s paws and worn-down nails that he had come a long way. He didn’t smell great either, as if he had been rooting through the garbage. 

Rodrigo knew he couldn’t leave the worn-out pup behind — not that the dog was going to give them a choice. “He settled on the car floor and slept,” Rodrigo said. “He seemed relieved to find a safe place to rest.”

The compilation video below went viral almost instantly.

“My dogs were frightened because [the dog] is very busy and playful, but there were no fights,” Coelho said. “Soon, he was already familiar with the environment and my other dogs accepted him.”

Rodrigo shared the unusual event on his social media in the hopes of finding the dogs owner.

Not long after the story began to gain traction, the dog’s owners contacted Rodrigo and organised the collection of the pup, whose name was Thor!

The owners, Dayane and Maicon, were relieved to find their dog. They were both very thankful to Rodrigo for bringing back their family member.

Thor’s home was about 8 kilometres (about 5 miles) from where Rodrigo found him and it seems as though he had run away! Thor was really lucky to pick such a good Samaritan.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!