House-Trained Deer Named Bambi Forms Special Bond With Family

This is the story of a man from Delaware, US, who formed a very special bond with a rather unsuspecting pet.

A few months ago, Messiah El was on his way home when he left a bread trail behind him. He was shocked to see that a young deer followed the crumbs, all the way inside Messiah’s house, and made herself at home.

“Now, when she comes in the house she likes to get fed,” El says. “Her favorite spot is the couch. She’ll go over (and) sleep on the couch, wake up and tap on the door when she’s ready to leave. Then she goes back to the woods.”

See the video for yourself below:

The baby deer, who Messiah named Bambi enjoys car rides, gets along with the kids and dog and even taps on the door when she needs to go out and use the bathroom.

Now, Messiah and the family consider Bambi to be one of them, she even answers to her name. They bathe her, groom her and even help her by removing ticks.

“She kind of acts like another dog in the way that she likes to get attention,” says Messiah. “If a dog or any other animal gets too much attention, she will butt in for her turn.”

Of course, Messiah doesn’t actually own the deer, instead, she is sort of a lodger, she comes and goes every few days. She always comes back, the two have a very special bond.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!