Guy Finds His Cat Making Friends With The Mouse He Was Supposed To Catch

Meet Simon, a sweet kitty who has a unique way of getting rid of pests… he turns them into guests!


This all started when Benjamin Sagredo, Simon’s human heard some faint, strange noises coming from his kitchen.

“We didn’t know what it was,” Sagredo told The Dodo. “We had seen Simon playing with something under an armchair once, but we didn’t give it much thought.”

Simon was aware of an intruder making these noises, and instead of scaring him off, he decided to make him feel at home.


Then Benjamin saw what was only believed to happen in cartoons, Simon was there drinking from his water bowl with a mouse stood next to him.

Apparently, Simon had made friends with the animal he was ‘born to hunt.’

“They looked closely acquainted. Simon was being affectionate,” Sagredo said. “I decided to record it. I thought no one would believe me.”

Here is that very moment on video:

Benjamin couldn’t believe it, and after seeing how friendly Simon was to the mouse, he began to follow suit. Simon’s compassion was infectious.

“I felt for the little mouse. I couldn’t dream of hurting him. I named him Chefcito.”


Benjamin picked up Chefcito and moved him outside, to see what he would do next. Believe it or not, he was back.

“He’s been back several times,” Sagredo said. “We love that Simon accepts him. He’s a very affectionate and sociable cat. If Chefcito keeps coming, we’re going to have to adopt him.”

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!