Sweet Golden Retriever Adopts A Family Of Baby Bunnies Who Now Think That He Is Their Mother

Introducing a new member to your family is always an amazing experience.

Especially new animals, the unpredictability of how new animals will react to each other is always interesting. You can guarantee entertainment.

This is exactly how it went down for the friendly golden retriever Bailey, who became an adopted mother to a group of baby bunnies that his human brought home.

There really is nothing sweeter than two species setting aside their differences.

Photo credit: This is Bailey

They were only 22 days old when they came home and were adopted by their new surrogate mother.

Right from the off, the bunnies sniffed out Bailey and threw themselves all over him with affection.

Photo credit: This is Bailey

The bunnies showed no fear whatsoever, which is odd, but they could probably tell from Bailey’s demeanor that he was friendly and only wanted to love them.

Photo credit: This is Bailey

As the video below shows, this four-legged friend is taking this new responsibility very seriously.

All of this was captured in this adorable video, you can see the mini bunnies flocking around the loving pup:

Let’s hope that these little ones who are only 22 days old grow up big and strong, we know that they will not lack in love.

Photo credit: This is Bailey

These pictures are almost too much to handle, baby bunnies on their own are crazy cute, coupled up with Bailey’s gentle touch… Cuteness overload!

Dogs are social creatures at heart and are very well known for their ability to so easily make friends, with both humans and other species.

You may have seen it before, but a dog can pretty much befriend anything. They are very caring and loving which makes sense as to why Bailey fit the mother’s job so well.

Interspecies relationships are some of the purest things to ever exist.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!