Girl Gets 600lbs Of Pet Food For Christmas To Help Needy Animals

What a kind-hearted girl ❤️

Back in 2019, a now ten-year-old girl was gifted 600lbs of pet food after she made a wish to help animals in need.  

Landyn Wadsworth from Washington, DC asked for money to get food for homeless cats and dogs for Christmas, instead of toys.

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter shared a photo of the sweet girl with a stack of per food on Facebook.

Landyn bought 600lbs of food for the resident animals at the shelter. 

‘Landon’s wish for Christmas was food donations for the shelter and it looks like her wish came true!! We are so grateful for your kindness and I’m sure the dogs and cats are too!!’ the post read. 

The kind youngster started making these donations back in 2016 after a visit to the shelter.

She was sad to see so many homeless animals staying there during a festive time.

Go Landyn!

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Written by Alice Joan