Four Dogs Block Traffic To Protect Their Friend Who Was Hit By A Car


By nature, dogs are social creatures who are loyal and are full of love to give.

We celebrate how loyal and faithful they are to those they love, especially those they consider family, but this doesn’t stop millions from being homeless.

This means often strays will turn to each other for love and family, and they all love each other deeply.

The scene below is a perfect example of this, showing four pups blocking the road so their friend who was hit by a car is protected.

Unfortunately the stray that was hit by a car lost its life and was laying lifeless right in the middle of the road.

Four of his packmates immediately rushed to his side to protect him. At one point, one of the dogs even nudges his dead friend to try and wake him up.

The group, being a group of loyal pups, guards the dog’s body while they wait for him to get up.


Check out the video below:

It is a testament to how deeply dogs feel love.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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