First Howls Of An Adorably Tiny Wolf Pup Captured By Trail Camera

Humble howl beginnings ❤️

A wolf’s howl is iconic, and this cute pup shows us that it takes a little practice at first.


Voyageurs Wolf Project, a group of researchers who study how wolves behave in Minnesota, USA, managed to capture some absolutely adorable clips from a camera they had set up in the forest.

The footage shows a baby wolf walking up to the camera, before letting out a few little howls.

“Listen to some of this wolf pup’s first howls from only a few weeks ago! A little warning: The pup is pretty loud for only being 4-weeks old!”

Voyageurs Wolf Project wrote

The baby wolf appears to be alone, but you can hear other wolves call at the same time – no doubt it’s family keeping in touch with each other!

Let’s hope practice makes perfect for this little pup, who will call out with a grown-up howl one day, echoing throughout its home.

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Written by Alice Joan

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