Photographer Takes Extraordinary Photos of Pups Looking Like Superheroes (15 Pics)

Meet Claudio Piccoli, a very special wildlife photographer who captures the most extraordinary dog photos.

His mesmerizing series of photos called ‘Dogs in Action’ captures our beloved pups in superhero-like positions. They often look like they are flying through the sky, just like the picture you can see below.

We forget sometimes that dogs are in fact amazing acrobats, as well as the most loyal of companions.

They have the ability to make great leaps and bounds and make it look easy. Just like the good boy below catching the frisbee at high speed, without even breaking a sweat.

As you have probably been able to tell by now, Claudio specializes in dog action shots, and likes to catch them when they are in mid air, just like the fluff ball below.

“With running, flying dogs, I want to catch their soul through their eyes. I want to show people what dogs can do with the right motivation.”

As effortless as it may seem, Claudios process for capturing these photo’s is far from easy. He mentioned that it depends on the type of action he is intending to represent.

See for yourself below how he does it:

“It usually requires a lot of preparation”

Claudio has been doing this for a long time. He got into dog photography as a kid, before specialised in these action packed shots.

Claudio mentions that communication between the owner and their pup is key to getting a good shot.

“It’s very important to explain to the owner what we want to do in the shoot and what we are expecting or how they should move in the action to be photographed correctly.”

More than anything, getting the perfect shot requires real patience.

“Dogs are not machines or models we can pay to do something, and every dog and breed is different!”

Clearly, Claudio is a special kind of photographer. I mean just look at those shots.

He has the magical ability to make otherwise ordinary-looking pups into superheroes!

He is really passionate about his work too.

“With running/flying dogs, I want to catch their soul through their eyes. I want to show people what dogs can do with the right motivation.”

“They can teach us how to live better photographing them and how it’s possible to have fun just with a run.”

“I think every dog is expressing its best in the photo and it seems it’s flying fast.”

Claudio Piccoli: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!