Excited Shelter Cat Can’t Stop Hugging And Licking New Mom

Meet Honeycake the most excited shelter cat who loves cuddling more than anything.

Source: Michigan Cat Rescue via Facebook

Unfortunately, Honeycake didn’t have the best start to life. When he was only a young kitty, his owner put him and his two siblings in a garbage bah which he threw out of a moving car.

Luckily though, a good Samaritan saw this happen and came to the cat’s rescue by taking them to a local shelter for treatment.

Source: Michigan Cat Rescue via Facebook

Honeycake waited and waited to be adopted, but to no avail. And unfortunately for her, the shelter she was at was a kill shelter, meaning if she wasn’t adopted soon, she would be put down.

Thankfully, Animal rescue group Michigan Cat Rescue heard about Honeycake and rescued him.

They put the excited shelter cat straight into their non-kill shelter so that they find him the right forever home.

Source: Michigan Cat Rescue via Facebook

A few months later, Honeycake found someone to adopt him! A nurse named Renee. They bonded quickly and Renee took him home with her.

Honeycake was so excited when he found out was going home with Renee. He couldn’t stop hugging and licking her.

“Today, Honeycake starts his new life with a SPECIAL person named Renee. Renee is a very nice woman and she said from now on, Honeycake (renamed Finnegan) will receive nothing but lots of love and kisses,” Michigan Cat Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Source: Michigan Cat Rescue via Facebook

The rescue group also posted a very cute video of Honeycake who is now called Finnegan on their Facebook page.

The video shows how much Finnegan loves his new mom!

“Yep I’m in love,” Renee says as Finnegan licks her hand. “It doesn’t make much to get me in love.”

Two years on, and the pair are still very happy with the arrangement.

This sweet boy still loves cuddling with his mom just as much as the first day they met. More importantly, he has finally found a forever home!

Source: Michigan Cat Rescue via Facebook

Michigan Cat Rescue has helped lots of cats like Finnegan find forever homes.

Over the past 16 years, Michigan Cat Rescue has done outstanding work in finding homes for cats like just Honeycake AKA Finnegan. If you want to learn more about the organization, check out their Facebook page.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!