Young Chimps Nurse A Dying Puppy Back To Health And Grow Up Together

One day, Jenny and Jim Desmond spotted a sick and starving puppy on the side of the road, just off a remote village in Liberia.

The pair are experienced with saving animals and run the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue.

So Jenny knew exactly what to do when the situation occurred.

She knew the puppy would likely soon die without any help, so she picked him up and drove him back to the sanctuary where her and Jim provided him with the medical attention he needed.

The sanctuary rescues chimps from the pet trade in Liberia and helps protect wild chimps in their natural habitat.

The puppy they named Snafu, was in bad shape. He was riddled with infections and worms. So they kept a very close eye on her.

Jim, being a veterinarian was perfect for the job. Despite the sanctuary focusing on chimp welfare, Jim was experienced in saving all sorts of animals.

“Desmond has saved everything from chickens to grasshoppers.”

Staff member at the sanctuary

After only a few days, she already looked better. Her eyes were brighter and her skin was clearly improving.

She was then introduced to the other sanctuary residents. And the chimps didn’t shy away from giving her cuddles.

Nobody expected how well they would all actually get on.

The chimpanzees quickly fell for Snafu, and Snafu was happy to receive the love. They not only loved her but were also her playmates.

Check out the video of her journey below:

They all grew up together, and looked like the best of friends.

After Snafu was fully recovered, Jenny found her a forever home in Colarado, US.

Now she’s living with her nieces and is receiving all the love she deserves!

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!