Dog Still Hugs His Mom Every Day She Comes Home Since Being Rescued 1 Year Earlier

Meet Kylo, a sweet rescue pup who is very grateful to his mum for saving him from a shelter, and he always makes sure to express it.

When Kylo Ren was only ten months old, he was sent to the West Memphis Animal Shelter. 

He was rescued from the shelter by ALIVE Rescue Memphis as the first step in finding his forever family. He is a large goofy dog that simply wants to be loved.

Kylo spent a long time in a foster home after being rescued, with little interest or applications from possible adopters. 

No one could figure out why this adorable youngster didn’t seem to be attracting any attention – until the right family learned about him.

Kylo loves to snuggle his human momma, from the very moment she steps into the house.

“As soon as I sit down to take off my shoes he climbs into my lap to be held,” says Kylo’s human, Meghan Sweer.

“If I don’t sit down for our cuddle time he follows me around with the saddest most pathetic look on his face until I give in and hold him.”

Even when he got adopted for the first time, he wasn’t shown the love he needed – Until Meghan and her partner came to the rescue.

Kylo’s first night after being adopted by Meghan was great!

“He crawled into my lap, tucked his head under my chin, and started snoring like a chainsaw,” says Meghan. “From that moment my husband and I knew he was staying with us!”

Kylo has been branded ‘the hugging dog’ for good reason!

He is very grateful to have found a loving forever home, and he doesn’t restrict this love to his humans, but to anyone and everyone he meets.

“He wins people over a bit forcibly… by climbing into their lap and falling asleep.”

Written by Joe Kahlo