Dog Rings Doorbell At 2. A.M. After Being Accidentally Left Outside

We all know how adorable, loving, and loyal dogs are, but they are also surprisingly intelligent.

Robert Fox of Georgia, US, was asleep when he was awakened at 2.A.M. by the sound of the doorbell.

Since he wasn’t expecting anyone, and since he is a US citizen, he picked up his gun and went to the door.

Despite his wife telling him she thinks it was the dog, Robert was not taking any risks.

Turns out his wife was right, and it was Chika, their little labrador who was accidentally locked out of the house.

Check out the adorable video below (video is loud):

Robert saw Chikas face right up in the doorbell camera. She was outside for hours before she came up with a plan to get back inside.

She apparently tried to ring the doorbell several times, going back and forth until she was successful.

Chika was left outside by accident, as she usually sleeps with Roberts’s son, he just believed that’s where she was.

Now, Chika is safe and is back sleeping on her pillow. Regardless, the family’s house has a fenced-in yard so she wouldn’t have been able to get far.

All credits go to therobfox on Reddit

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!