Loyal Dog Looks After Injured Friend Hit By Car All Night Until Help Finally Arrives.

One loving dog refused to leave their friend’s side and stayed for the whole night and the next morning until the animal rescue group arrived and rushed the pair to the vets.

Footage that will tug on your heartstrings has captured a loyal dog taking care of its friends who was involved in a car accident until help arrived for them the next morning.

The pair of stray dog’s were stuck on the main road in the centre of the Brazilian city of Iguatu on Valentine’s Day – the 14th of February.

Dog accompanying friend who was injured in a car accident.

Both dogs can be seen in the footage, one injured and the other supporting his friend but laying by his side.

“When we put the injured pooch in the car, the other one had already jumped on the seat and stayed with its pal right up to the moment it received treatment in the clinic.”

Quoted by Nurse, Marina Assuncao

The dog laid by his friend’s side for the whole night until a local NGO came to rescue both dogs from the road-side.

“We were unable to go to the location on Sunday afternoon because we had no available vets, but on Monday morning we received news that both of them were in the same place,” nurse Marina Assuncao said.

“I went there with my friend, who is a vet, and we took the injured dog to a clinic.”

When the women approached, the caring dog became aggressive but they eventually managed to win over its trust.

The injured dog was given medication, and was given both food and water.

Whilst the injured dog is still unable to walk, it is due to see an orthopedist to see if there has been any further damage to its legs, ribs or spine.

Marina said she was taken aback by the “companionship” shown by the dog to its injured counterpart.

It just shows, that Valentine’s Day is not a myth. Love is ‘in the air’ – even between our four-legged friends.

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Written by Hannah Conway