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Dog Insists On Petting All The Pups At Her Doggy Day Care

Ruby and her brother Miles are regulars at The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario.

There, Ruby, the German shorthaired pointer is anything but laid-back when it comes to making friends.

She chooses to show her affection for other dogs by petting them, and the confused pups just accept it.

Dog Won't Stop 'Petting' Her Friends At Doggy Day Care - The Dodo

The owner of one of the other dogs noticed Ruby’s strange but adorable behavior a few months ago.

“She does it every time she is in. We think she wants attention!” dog Lexy’s owner Alanah Lorraine said about Ruby petting and patting other pets at the daycare. 

Every time Ruby is around other dogs she shows her love the best way she knows how — by giving her fellow pups the pets they deserve.

After ruby petting the other dogs was filmed, the video went viral.

She pets the other dogs almost every time she goes to the day care and refuses to keep her paws to herself.

“She usually starts with her brother Miles and as the other dogs in daycare start to chill out, she will get to work on them as well. Miles doesn’t seem interested in giving pets, just receiving.”

“We think it started with trying to get Miles’ attention or to play with him and just evolved from there, most of her friends at daycare don’t mind and see it as her playing with them,” said Spencer.

People couldn’t get enough of Ruby petting other dogs!

“Most dogs aren’t bothered by it and just let it happen,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine began filming Ruby’s pawing anytime she caught her in the act and recently decided to make a compilation of the act, which went viral.

“I thought it would be adorable,” Lorraine said, “but I never imagined it would go viral.”

Image credits: Alanah Lorraine

“We are so grateful to see everyone enjoying the video Alanah made and now everyone gets to experience the happiness dogs like Ruby bring us every day,” Spencer added.

Most of the other pups at the doggy daycare often seem confused and bewildered by Ruby’s actions.

Their reactions are just amazing! They do look like they enjoy Ruby petting them with her paw.

Image credits: Alanah Lorraine

Usually when dogs paw at each other and their owners it means they want attention or to play with them.

It could also mean they want something else like food and are trying to ‘subtly’ get your attention.

Or it could just simply mean the dogs are trying to connect with others, since they are pack animals at heart.

Whatever the reason, it made for a good story!

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!