Clever Dog Goes To His Vet’s Office To Ask For Help Getting Back Home

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, but sometimes it can get them lost.

This little black pup wandered off away from his owner and ended up in a pretty scary predicament. He was lost, all alone in a huge city.

Luckily though, being the smart little pup that he is, he decided to trace his footsteps back to a more familiar place—the vet.

Meet Khiew, the clever dog who wandered off and couldn’t find his way back home, so he sought help out himself

Khiew Ngern is a four-month-old mixed black bull terrier pup from Bangkok, Thailand, who one day, managed to get himself lost.

His owner lets him and her other dogs roam around free while she is working and it is then that the curious doggie took off and lost his way back. He spent a whole 6 hours wandering the streets of Bangkok until he got a clever idea.

It was a bit of an unusual choice for a dog, but he retraced his steps back to the vets.

While he couldn’t find his way back home or to the restaurant where his owner was working, Khiew instead decided to go to another location that was familiar to him, his veterinary clinic. Khiew is a regular at this clinic as he goes there regularly to get his scheduled vaccine shots since he is still a young pup.

Most dogs would their vet’s office, however, clever little Khiew knew he’d get help there.

After being lost in Bangkok for over 6 hours, this clever pup sniffed his way to his vet who he knew would help

Image credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

Security footage from the vet shows Khiew scratching and barking at the clinic’s windows and glass door until someone saw him. The doctor’s assistant saw the pup and let him in.

It wasn’t long before the staff contacted Khiew’s owners and let them know that he had found his way to the clinic.

The vet’s assistant recognized Khiew, let him in, and soon called the owner, as seen in the security camera footage that was shared on Facebook

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!