Blind Dog Sees Her Human For The First Time Ever After Getting Eye Surgery

Being able to cast your eyes on the world that we live in is a privilege that we take for granted.

Some people are born blind and have never been able to see the world around them or their loved ones. So when someone finally gets life-changing surgery to see for the first time, it is truly a blessed moment.

For this adorable blind dog, Olive, she was about to receive that gift.

Olive the cocker spaniel was a blind stray when she was taken in by her new owners. Together they all lived a happy life in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and Olive lived an eventful life.

But after all Olive had been through, her new owner decided to go the extra step. They decided to get her the much-needed surgery she needed to correct her eye-sight.

The surgery ended up being a success, and after three years of blindness, Olive was able to walk out of the vet’s with a brand new outlook on life.

The happy pooch was amazed by her new eyesight and ecstatic about the new sights she was about to behold!

When Olive finally sees the faces of her loved ones, her little tail would not stop wagging. It was an emotionally charged moment to witness. 

Olive’s owners, Holly and Bart Emmerson, were equally in awe of seeing Olive for the first time being able to see the world around her. They couldn’t get over it. Olive could finally see!

They were delighted with the attention and affection that they were receiving from Olive. As they got a better look at her, Bart and Holly stated, “Her eyes are so different. They’re black.”

It was such an incredible moment to witness, seeing her that alert and looking us in the eyes.

Holly Emmerson

See Olive’s reaction below:

It is not just humans who deserve to see the sights of the world.

Holly and Bart gave Olive such a beautiful gift that changed her life for the better.

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Written by Hannah Conway