Dog Finds Twin On A Walk And Begs Mum To Adopt Him.

Dog Finds Twin And Enjoys

You never know where our paths in life can take us. A simple walk on the beach could turn into the opportunity of meeting a destined partner, friend or soulmate or even your twin.

Even dogs have these “fate” encounters!

Everything seemed to be rather normal for Bethany and Rogue one day.

Bethany is Rogues “dog mother” and loves taking him on regular walks around their neighbourhood. However, one walk ended up turning into something that neither one of them would have ever expected!

Whilst on one of their walks, Bethany noticed an adoption clinic event happening on her road.

Dog Finds Twin And Feel Blessed

As they walked down towards the event, the pair noticed one pup named Beast. At first glance, Bethany had to have a double-take.

Beast looked almost identical to Rogue, when you didn’t look too carefully.

Rogue himself seemed to notice this too and even ran up to Beast with confidence.

As if by fate, Bethany and her partner were considering adding a pup to their family.

At the moment, it was more of an idea than a definite choice. They were not sure when, how or why – they were just open to the idea of a new family member.

They hadn’t even begun to look actively, but fate called it when Beast was right in front of them.

Dog Finds Twin And Enjoys Outings.

Bethany was too tempted not to take Beast home when she realised how similar the two dogs were.

Rogue didn’t seem ready to give up her new friend; she had an immediate connection with Beast. She was ready to fight for the chance to be by his side, and Beast was certainly meant to be part of their small family.

What made me want to rescue Beast over the other dogs was that he looked just like Rogue. They are both Cairn terrier mixes, Rogue’s mom was a Labrador and Pitbull mix and her dad a Cairn and with Beast, we’re just not sure, it just has Cairn mix.


When Beast was first brought into the house, they obviously had tussled a bit to see who was the more dominant -, but this was just natural.

Beast apparently felt obliged to be the dominant dog but finally evened out.

Now, they are both willing to accept a loving compromise between them.

Dog Finds Twin And Celebrates

The pair live in Hawaii with Bethany and her partner and have the best time!

Playing, chasing, and playfully fighting are all a part of the fun for the pair! Living a life of luxury suits them – they couldn’t be happier together.

One thing is for certain, these two don’t have any plans of being separated ever again!

Written by Hannah Conway