Dog Comforts Struggling Street Performer After No One Offers Him Any Change

“It was a moment of love and loyalty” ❤️

One day, Wara Ricoo was looking out of his window at home when he saw something that took him by surprise.

There was a street performer singing songs at a busy intersection in the hopes of earning some money. Unfortunately, though, things weren’t quite going his way and nobody was offering him any money.

Despite his effort, he returned to the sidewalk where his stuff was empty-handed. It must’ve been disheartening to not receive anything after all his efforts.

Thankfully though, he received something way better than money. The real love and affection of a loyal pooch.

Ricoo captured this adorable moment of video for us to see below:

Even from afar, Ricoo could see the love between the two, “for me, it was a moment of love and loyalty,” Ricoo told The Dodo. “So much so that I went down to talk to him.”

He then invited the man and his dog upstairs for a visit.

After inviting the man up to his flat, he found out he was an aspiring artist called Anderson who was currently short of luck. Regardless of his situation, he was dedicated to keeping his dog called Mayte fed and happy.

So Ricoo decided to help out, he arranged a trip to the vet for both of Anderson’s dogs, something that Anderson couldn’t easily afford.

“They are all healthy, thank God,” Ricco said

But Ricoo didn’t stop there, he shreds Anderson’s story on social media in the hope that the good people of the internet could help the devoted dog dad to get back on his feet.

He also helped him find a welcome audience to his music by booking him some time in a recording studio.

Thanks to Ricoo, Anderson, who was struggling to make a single cent on the streets had gained thousands of followers online. Things have never looked brighter for him and his furry family.

“I have faith that everything will change for the better,” Ricoo said of his new friends’ future. “No matter what life hits you with, keep going and give it love.”

Thank you Ricoo on behalf of Anderson and all of us, we need more truly good people like you in this world!

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!