Cute Little Fox Napping On A Tree Stump Makes The Day Of Couple Stuck In Isolation

One day, Sara Ryan and her parents noticed the most adorable scene ever taking place right outside the front of their house


A sweet little fox was napping, peacefully on a tree stump, and they were given a front-row view.

This was certainly the highlight of their day as they have been stuck indoors all day self-isolating at their home in Canada.

Talking to The Dodo, Sara says: “My dad was very excited! They’ve been social-distancing and don’t have pets, so I think they were excited to have something out of the ordinary in their yard!”


The fox was found resting on the remains of a dead tree stump, and Sara’s dad sent her regular updates for days.

When her dad stepped out, apparently “The fox looked up and then went right back to sleep.”

The cute critter must’ve felt safe and secure at the top of his stump he called home for those few, exciting days.

“The tree is protected by the garage behind it so it only faces my parents’ yard. I imagine that it’s a warm and safe place to nap!”


The fox had designated that spot for sleeping, Sara’s dad would often notice him gone for a few hours before returning to rest.

“He is back there today snoozing away!” Ryan said.

Since foxes are nocturnal, he spent most of the day-time sleeping and hunted in the dark of the night.


Sara tweeted her dad’s photos, and the world seemed to agree that this was indeed thrilling!

Her tweet went viral in a matter of a few hours, with people all over the world gushing over the sweet fox.

“I love that people are loving the fox! It makes sense that people want a little slice of joy in the midst of a lot of stress and anxiety and chaos.”

“I’m glad that my one viral tweet was a cute tweet during a not very cute time.”

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!