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Meet Patsy, The Courageous Sheep Dog Leads 900 Sheep to Safety During Australian Bushfires

A hero border collie has saved a flock of sheep as a wall of fire destroyed farmland in Australia.

Patsy the six-year-old working-dog rounded the sheep up with a farmer as the flames bore down on them in the rural town of Corryong in Victoria.

She brought them to the safest paddock on the farm as her owner fought the fire in a tractor with a tank of water.

Thanks to Patsy and her owner, almost all of the sheep were saved, along with the hay bales, silage, shearing shed, and farm houses.

Cath Hill, took to social media to share the heroic story of how Patsy the border collie helped save their sheep as the flames approached.

‘In the early hours of 31 December 2019, while fire in Corryong was bearing down … she and my brother rounded up the sheep and brought them to the safest paddock on the farm.’

Patsy helped herd the flock of dozens of sheep across fire-scorched paddocks in thick smoke. 

All the while, a raging bushfire just on the edge of the property was getting closer and closer. 

One shocking picture shows Patsy during the rescue with the flames getting ever closer behind her.

After moving the sheep to the safest paddock, Miss Hill’s brother turned his attention back to the bushfire closing in while Patsy watched over the flock. 

‘(She) found a safe spot while my brother fought the fire with a tractor and a tank of water,’ Miss Hill continued.

‘Almost all sheep are safe, along with the hay bales and silage, the shearing shed, and both farmhouses.’ 

Miss Hill posted a short video of Patsy after she had finished rescuing the sheep and was resting in a scorched paddock.

‘Hey Patsy, you hear those sheep? That’s all your work,’ Miss Hill tells Patsy in the video clip, ‘well done.’ 

The video immediately caught the attention of other social media users who were quick to heap praise on the hero dog

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!