Couple Comfort Clingy Cat By Creating Fake “Lap” For Her

This cat takes lap-loving to a whole new level.

Meet Ziggy, who lives with his humans Rebecca and Alex in London.

Although he seemed initially shy, Ziggy soon began cozying up on the couple’s laps regularly.

In fact, he loved their laps so much that the cat became demanding of their constant attention.

Ziggy would even climb all over Rebecca’s desk while she was working to try and get her attending.

Rebecca and Alex tried to keep Ziggy occupied by adopting another cat to keep her company, but that didn’t work!

Alex came up with a clever idea to make a fake lap for Ziggy to sit on while they were busy doing other things.

They stuffed a pair of trousers to make it look like legs, complete with a pillow stomach and a pair of shoes.

The real genius element is the heated pad that they slip into the lap of the jeans.

Speaking to The Dodo, Rebecca said: ‘Alex thought that creating a decoy would be funny, but I don’t think he expected it to actually work.’

‘She needs warmth and to feel protected, we think.’

They shared the photo on Reddit initially, calling their cat ‘super clingy’.

The photo of their clever idea resonated with cat-owners everywhere.

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Written by Alice Joan