Cop Spots Baby Squirrels In The Road And Makes Two Tiny New Friends While Rescuing Them

One day, New York State Trooper LaVonte’ Lee noticed something in the middle of a busy road.

It was a pair of helpless newborn squirrels and Lee just knew he had to stop.

The squirrels didn’t seem especially keen to leave Lee’s side once he brought them off the road.

They preferred to stay perched on Lee’s arm instead.

The young squirrels had discovered the perfect caregiver, and they appeared to be aware of it.

“Lee swooped in to save the day,” the police department wrote. “Looks like he made some new friends.”

Baby squirrels are found commonly on the ground because they have fallen out of their nests. According to experts, returning them is the best option in these circumstances.

Lee discovered what seemed to be the squirrels’ nest in a neighboring tree. In order for their mother to discover them, he left them there.

Lee probably won’t forget this call to duty anytime soon.

Lee has received a well-deserved outpouring of gratitude online and from his fellow police officers for his efforts that day.

“One of the core values of the New York State Police is to protect life and property,” a spokesperson for the police told The Dodo. “No matter how large or small.”

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!