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Chinese Officials Bump Into an Endangered Wild Siberian Tiger While Inspecting a Forest Farm

A group of Chinese officials froze in shock after spotting the endangered big cat on a recent inspection trip in China.

Incredible footage shows the Siberian tiger stretching its legs and casually walking around before stopping and gazing at the officials who were paralysed in fear.

There are only around 500 of these striking endangered big cats left in the wild today.

The officials from the local forestry commission had been inspecting the Dahuanggou Forest Farm in China next to the border with North Korea.

Once they finished up with the investigation, they got into their car and were terrified to find the wild Siberian tiger appearing from the trees.

The officials were struck with a mix of fear and excitement, they proceeded to roll up the windows and take some pictures before slowly driving away.

The government workers were frozen with fear after spotting the endangered big cat from their car while examining a local farm in north-eastern China’s Jilin Province on Monday

It seems as though this Siberian tiger was a curious cat as it decided to follow the government car until they decided to stop and observe the beautiful beast.

The tiger showed no intention of attack, instead, in a relaxed manner, it is seen stretching its legs and strolling down the road.

It even occasionally stopped to turn around to gaze at the officials, who were paralysed with fear.

A group of Chinese officials had a terrifying encounter on their inspection trip with an unexpected resident — a wild Siberian tiger. The picture shows the spotted big cat in Jilin

A female officer can be heard saying: ‘My heart is beating so fast. This is so scary.’

Luckily for her, after a few minutes, the big cat seemed to lose interest and began to walk away back to the woods.

This particular Siberian tiger appeared to be healthy with a strong physique. The growing population of tigers and leopards in the area are due to the improved local ecosystem.

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Siberian tigers are native to the east of Russia and northeast of China and are classified as an endangered species with only around 500 of them left in the wild.

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Written by Bari Holland