Cat’s Meowing Leads Police to Missing 83-Year-Old Woman Who Fell Down a Ravine

Having a loyal pet by your side is always great, animals are amazing in emergency situations and have quick instincts.

This was highlighted by one clever cat which helped save the life of its 83-year-old owner after she fell into a ravine.

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Police in England were searching for the missing elderly woman before they found a breakthrough from an unlikely source.

Searchers caught sight of the black cat named Piran meowing loudly by the side of a cornfield.

Tamar Longumir, one of the lady’s neighbors said “the cat is very attached to her, and he was going back and forth in the gateway and meowing, so I decided to go and search the maize field.”

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Eventually, she found the elderley woman down a 70ft ravine, she had no major injuries and was believed to have been stuck there for several hours.

Longmuir contacted the emergency services who soon arrived and were able to free the stranded elderley lady.

It took two hours, 25 members of personnel from the police, fire department, and air and water rescue services, but eventually, the woman was airlifted to safety.

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She was reported to be in stable condition and ‘in good spirits’ in the hospital while she continues to receive care.

“It’s a massive ‘well done’ to all the emergency services who worked together and to Piran,” an anonymous neighbor told BBC. “The outcome could have been a lot worse.”

Piran the cat has been hailed a hero as without him, the elderley woman would not have been found so soon and it could have cost her life.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!