Camera Catches Dog Bringing His Bed To His Sick Brother So He’s Comfy

Loyal Dog

“As he’s dragging it he’s looking at Roman almost to say, ‘This is for you’”

We’ve said it time and time again, dogs are mans best friends, but this story will show that dogs are also each other’s best friends.

Meet Spanky (6 years) and Roman (8 years) who have been inseparable ever since they first met. They do absolutely everything together. When one leaves, the other howls and scratches at the door. They sleep together, they play together and you won’t see one without the other.

“Roman is definitely Spanky’s security blanket,” Jackie Rogers, Roman and Spanky’s aunt, told The Dodo. “Spanky will do nothing without Roman and always makes sure he is close to him and if he’s not he gets up and goes near him.” 

spanky and roman dogs

One, the owners found that Roman was sick with ear problems so they scheduled an operation to take care of it but they had to wait a few weeks. The owners wanted to keep an eye on the dogs while they were away, so they decided to set up a camera in their home.

At first, Spanky didn’t even notice anything different, but as Roman’s ear got worse, everyone noticed that Spanky was alot more gentle and concerned about his best friend. 

One day at work, they got a notification and saw the most amazing moment from these besties. Jackie Rogers shared the video on Facebook and TikTok and it has over millions of views!

In the video, Spanky drags his bed towards his brother and they both lay on it while snuggling. It seems Spanky brought his bed to Roman so that he’d be more comfortable and would be closer for moral support. Isn’t that adorable?

Spanky helping his sick brother, by bringing him the bed

“Roman is the red one and Spanky is the white one. Roman is 8 and Spanky is 6 1/2. We’ve had them both since they were puppies! Roman is energetic, serious, all about hikes & playing, while Spanky is about snuggling, laying down, & sunbathing in any sunspot he can find. Since the day we took Spanky home, he bonded with Roman instantly. He has always cuddled up next to him throughout the day/night.

When Roman moves, Spanky moves to be near him. If we leave the house with Roman without taking Spanky, you can hear him crying/barking from outside as soon as the door closes and if you check the camera, he will be laying at whatever door Roman left out of. One day we were looking at Roman and I noticed his ear looked puffy. My sister took him to the vet immediately and they said he had a hematoma in his ear and needed surgery.

Spanky (6 years old) and Roman (8 years old)

Image credits: roman_spanky

“The surgery was booked for 2 weeks out and 5 days before the surgery, I noticed his ear was huge and causing him discomfort, so I took him to the vet to make sure he could make it 5 more days without his ear rupturing and they assured me he could, so the day after that vet appointment was the day of the video.

We have a ring camera set up so we can check on them throughout the day. One day at work, I saw my notifications going crazy so I checked and that’s when I saw the video. Immediately, I watched it over and over again, not believing what I saw! I texted my sister to watch it and I showed my coworkers as well. Later that night is when we decided to post it so others could see. I posted it on my Facebook and TikTok. That’s when it spread like wildfire!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

“Roman has had surgery and he is doing so much better. He has to wear the cone for another week, but he has become adjusted to it—our ankles, not so much. The boys are back to snuggling each and every moment they can! My sister and I are beyond happy that this video has reached so many people and they loved it just as much as we do!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

Boredpanda contacted the owners to see how the doggos are doing – “They both are doing great! On Thursday Roman will be 2 weeks post-surgery, he is completely back to himself. He is not letting his healing slow him down at all, even though I wish he would take it easy sometimes! Roman is so sweet and smart. Spanky is our silly goofball dog! Both are very cuddly and think they are lapdogs!”

The owners sister shared with us what happens when Roman leaves without Spanky, but we asked what is Romans reaction when he’s away from his brother: “So Spanky is bonded with Roman but I had Roman first and he bonded with me I took him everywhere as a puppy so it’s kind of funny we always joke about it because if we take just Roman out he’s like see ya Spanky but then Spanky is so upset when he leaves!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

They also shared how they managed to come up with such amazing names for the dogs: “I actually googled dog names and came across Roman and for Spanky we actually named him chief but after a day of knowing him we quickly realized he fit better as Spanky.”

The owners also shared that there are plans in the future to get more four-legged friends: “We will always have dogs in our house! I couldn’t imagine coming home to an empty house and no wagging tales to great me!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

The owner expressed their feelings on their post going viral: “It was surreal because I mean we love our dogs and think they are the best and I could talk and post photos of them all day but to see everyone also enjoying them was just a great feeling!”

They also shared some fun quirks Spanky and Roman have: “We love when Spanky gets excited and does his zooms because he’s normally the lazy one so when he gets going it is a sight to see! For Roman he does not bark like even as a puppy he didn’t but if I point at him he will side-eye me and then start barking and he’s ready to play!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

Here are some funny stories about the two brothers that the owners shared with Boredpanda: “Roman is obsessed with water so much that at a pet expo last year they had a dock diving contest and I entered Roman, he ran off that dock amazed the crowd because no other pit bulls were doing that just labs and Golden’s but he wouldn’t get out of the pool! My mom and the guy running the program had to fish him out, I was laughing too hard to help so we say he is part fish! My now fiancé once had to walk into a lake waist-deep with jeans on to get Roman out because he refused to leave the water!
Spanky will wrap himself so tightly in a blanket that when I show people photos of it they think we wrapped him up!”

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!