Bubbles The Dog Is Rescued After Being Trapped Under Shed During Hurricane Ida

Bubbles lives to wag his tail another day.

Louisiana SPCA is caring for Bubbles, a dog who was trapped under a shed and helped free by rescuers from the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Following Hurricane Ida, the Louisiana SPCA requested the Humane Rescue Alliance to assist with disaster relief efforts in New Orleans following Hurricane Ida.

The team spent their time helping with animal control calls. While doing so, they were waved down by a worried resident who directed them to a dog that was trapped under a collapsed shed that had been damaged during the Hurricane.

They worked together to help get the dog, Bubbles, free. As they were doing this, they realised that he was chained up and tangled by debris from the storm.

The pet was suspected to have been chained up under the shed and got stuck without food or water, and the storm gusted through New Orleans.

The team was able to carefully lift the shed just enough so that they could get to Bubbles and unchain him.

The Humane Rescue Alliance reported that Bubbles the dogs’ demeanor instantly changed from fearful to friendly as soon as he was set free.

Afterward, the response team took bubbles to Louisiana SPCA where he could see a vet. The staff there are working hard to find the owners of the dog.

Written by Alice Joan