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Bright Green Bees Exist — And They’re Totally Mesmerizing, But What Are They?

These flying gems are the green orchid bees, their distinct metallic green color, as well as their unique association with orchids, are where they got their name.

They are about the size of their black and yellow cousins and are indigenous to Central America.

They’re most commonly found in rainforests ranging from Mexico to southeastern Brazil, but in more recent years, the bees have made their way up to Florida and decided to stay.

The male green orchid bees are very attracted to the fragrance of the orchid, so they visit the plants to cover each of its legs with the delicious scent.

They do this for the same reason most males in the wild do anything; the smell attracts the female bees; it also helps pollinate nearby flowers.

The male bees are harmless, whereas the females are equipped with a sharp stinger to defend themselves.

Even though the sting is less painful than that of a honeybee, they would rather not sting at all as they are gentle creatures.

They’re also swift flyers, meaning they can dart from plant to plant and can hover for very long periods of time.

This makes for a mesmerizing experience, and they can look like flying emerald jewels, as shown in the video.

One unique feature is their extremely long and thin tongue which can reach the same length as their body! (See picture above)

They use this to collect the nectar that may be deep in the flowers they visit.

Unlike the honeybee, they are not social creatures and prefer building solitary nests made of plant resin to lay eggs and store pollen and nectar.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!