Brave Fishermen Save Dying Baby Moose Stuck On Sharp Rocks

This is the moment when a helpless moose was trapped on sharp rocks just above the water.

It was said that the mother moose was previously with the calf, but because she was able to swim, she was able to escape the lake and go.

It was unclear whether the mother fled to save herself or went to get help.

Fortunately, some people were passing nearby on a boat and assisted in pulling the stuck newborn moose out of the water.

They managed to lift the moose from the rocks that were pretty far off from any land. 

The moose appeared to be frightened, especially after it seemed to be very worn out from desperately holding onto the rocks.

When they got to land, the two men put the young moose down so they it could go and rejoin its family. 

The newborn moose, though, was presumably still frightened and wished to remain with the two guys for a little while longer.

After one of the men placed the moose down, the newborn tried to follow him back into the water, assuming it felt safer with the men.

He was confident that once the young moose made it ashore, it would be reunited with its parents.

Here’s the amazing video of the encounter:

But that wasn’t the only moose rescue story we’re giving you today. Here is another touching story of a moose unable to save its calf from the water until some kind fishermen stepped in.

This is the moment a helpless mother moose looks on as she ponders how to save her child stuck in the water.

A boat carrying fisherman passed by and spotted the distraught mother and child.

“We spotted a baby moose struggling to get on the land, so we decided it was best to let nature take its course by letting the momma help its young,” wrote the video uploader.

After leaving, they returned an hour later to discover the mother moose had vanished and the baby moose was still in the water.

“An hour later, we went back to see the progress, and the momma was nowhere to be found, but the baby moose was still whimpering and struggling to get on shore,” the filmer added. 

“We noticed that the calf was extremely exhausted because the calf started to blow bubbles out of its nose. At that time, we figured it was safe to help.”

The baby moose was uncertain what the humans were going to do as they steered the boat towards it. 

The fishermen then leaned over to pick up the shivering calf and get her out of the water.

They then moved to a clearer path of land, where they moved the moose. Initially, it had a hard time standing up.

Eventually, it stood up and turned around to its rescuers before giving the puppy dog eyes and finally going on its own back home.

Here’s the full video of the encounter:

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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