Boy Sneaks Into His Neighbors Garage Every Day, Hugs Dog, and Runs Away

A nine-year-old boy from Louisana was caught on camera sneaking into his neighbor’s garage to hug a dog.

Josh Breaux was filmed on CCTV multiple times cycling up to his neighbor, Hollie Mallet’s house, rushing into the garage and petting her dog.

Hollie took to Facebook to try and identify the adorable boy after being touched by his actions.

Soon after, the footage went virals with tens of millions of views across the world.

At the time the footage was taken, Josh was mourning the loss of his dog Bella who had recently passed away.

“We had our dog Bella since Josh was 2, but she passed away last year,” Ginger, Josh’s mother, wrote on Facebook.

Josh has since taken many selfies with Duchess.

“Things have been busy and Josh is active with after-school activities so we have not jumped back into taking on the responsibility of starting all over again with a new pup quite yet. It will happen though!”

After some ‘friendly pressure before he knew it, Josh had his very own four-legged companion in the form of a three-month-old Labrador named Drake.

“Surprised my babies with our new pup! Meet Drake!” Wrote Ginger on her Facebook page.  

“Josh was in shock and literally almost cried. (Was hiding his face in the pillows) Janie kept asking ‘is it really ours?'”

Despite the new arrival, Josh still goes to visit Duchess every now and again for a cuddle, “Josh still goes to see Duchess on occasion,” she said.

“Myself and my daughter also stop to visit her a few days a week when we go walk. My daughter loves playing and giving her hugs.”

“So glad to see that innocence and love was caught on camera instead of what they are normally used for. Can’t believe all the views this post has received, so glad to have captured this sweetness!” wrote Hollie. 

Apparently, Josh “turned ten shades of red” when he saw the video but smiled and said to Ginger “you know I love dogs, momma”.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!