Blind Dog Gets Eyes Surgically Restored And is HAPPY He Can See His Family Again

Duffy, the 8-year-old Irish Terrier, lost his eyesight because of diabetes.

“It broke my heart seeing this dog I grew up with, who I see as a very good friend…running into things, not being able to recognize me…just struggling,” Benjamin said about Duffy on Reddit.

75% of diabetic dogs are blinded by the disease. It is a condition that progresses rapidly, and takes one year for the dog to be totally blind.

In Duffy’s case, it took almost five months for him to go from full eyesight, to total blindness.

“Within about 3-5 months he went from a totally normal 8 year old dog to a dog who was completely blind,” Benjamin added.

Like humans, there is no cure for diabetes in dogs. The dieses can only be managed.

Vets used medicine to get his diabetes under control. Then they started working on his eyes. The surgery cost $5000, and Duffy’s family were more than happy to pay it.

The operation was a SUCCESS!

Duffy was so happy, he licked everyone in the room. He was happy to see his owner and family again. His tail was wagging from one side to the other.

Watch his reaction here.

Being a rescue dog, Duffy has a lot of health problems. But his parents, Benjamin May and family, wanted to give him the best life they possibly could.

Judging by the dog’s reaction, they have done a wonderful job so far.

Written by Bari Holland