Beluga Whale Teases Seagull And Tries To Befriend It In Adorable Video

This is the moment a beluga whale was spotted teasing and befriending a seagull:

A beluga whale was spotted acting strangely as it decided to make friends with a seagull.

The white beluga visited the Norwegian shores of Hammerfest.

Jan-Olaf Johansen, who works on a search and rescue vessel, spotted the whale acting out of character and decided to film it.

This behaviour was not usual for a whale of its kind.

Mr. Johansen said that he has seen many different whales while traveling around the world.

Despite that, this particular sighting was something he described as a “very special event.”

“I think all who look at the video think it was very fun but are also surprised he was so gentle.”

“But what was shown in the video was only half of the show between the two.”

“He swam under the seagull and blew bubbles up to get attention and after, taking water in his mouth and spraying on the seagull. Never seen any similar behavior.”

It was teasing the seagull, and seemed to be trying to make friends.

Watch the video:

Written by Alice Joan