Amazing Moment Dolphin Stuck On Fishing Line Asks Diver For Help

A dolphin sought help from a diver in the waters of Hawaii when it became tangled in a fishing line.

The amazing moment was captured on camera and Kelly Laros, the diver, spent 8 minutes trying to set the intelligent creature free.

Kelly was leading a manta ray dive experience when he heard the dolphin squeal for help.

‘The way he came right up and pushed himself into me there was no question this dolphin was there for help.’ He said.

Kelly told KITV that he could see the dolphin’s movements were restricted because it was caught up in a fishing line and a hook was lodged in its fin.

‘I was trying to unwrap it, I got the line fishing hook out of the pectoral fin. There was a line coming out of his mouth. But, the line wrapped around his pectoral fin was so tight and he had cuts both front and aft,’ said Laros. 

‘I was worried if I tugged on it, it might hurt him more. I was able to cut the fishing line and unwrap it.’

‘I’ve had bottlenose dolphins approach me a lot of times and they are really smart animals,’

Watch the video:

Written by Alice Joan