Adorable Ural Owl At Hokkaido Zoo Bumps Head When Searching For Food (Video)

A video featuring a Ural owl at a Japanese zoo caused a stir on the internet. The bird bumped its head into a log and made a face that would melt your heart.

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The owl lives in the Obihiro zoo in Hokkaidō, Japan. The zoo staff shared the video, which got people’s attention, love, and sympathy.

The caretaker Noda Sayo at the zoo recorded the bird’s embarrassing moment during feeding time. According to Noda, the owl is a 17-year-old female. She was distracted in search of her meal when she misjudged the gap. Trying to go under the piece of wood, she bumped her head.

Looks like it hurt her. Don’t worry, the soft, thick feathers protected her from any kind of injury. Noda confirmed her being free of any physical injury. The bird safely had her meal as usual after the mini accident and was perfectly fine.

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Written by Sundus