Adorable Rats Create Miniature Paintings And Their Work Is Sold Out

Some animals seem to have an artistic touch, but we never expected them to be rats!

Toogood’s Tiny Paws show us just how talented these empathetic and intelligent critters can be when given some paint and a canvas.

“The idea of painting on canvases came to me after I lost one of my boys, Captain Jack Sparrow (Gibbs’ brother) last year (2018),” says Steph Toogood, the owner of the rats.

Unfortunately, he had undergone surgery but didn’t wake up from the anesthetic. Since Steph worked at the vet’s, she managed to take some paw prints from the rats after Jack passed away.

“I thought it would be lovely for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to keep when they’re gone, so I got some mini canvases and paint, and they’ve created memorial pieces for me to keep.”

Since Steph loves to take photographs, she uploaded some snaps of her pets next to their mini art pieces. This is what attracted a lot of people’s attention who wanted their own mini critter art.

Toogood’s Tiny Paws Art was born on April 20, 2019.

There are 12 rats in this collective, and before artists, they are friends to Steph!

“They’re my best friends, and they will not spend their lives covered in paint, no matter how high the demand is for their art right now,” she recently posted on the Facebook page.”

“Some of the boys are target trained and will follow a target stick or by hand to make painting easier – we even have a miniature agility course which some of them are good at!”

“I don’t want to use this page just for their art – I aim to promote the keeping of rats as pets and their welfare, as well as sharing what the boys get up to outside of painting.”

Check out Steph’s shop on her website here

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!