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Adorable Moment Golden Retriever Grooms His Cat Best Friend

This is the adorable friendship between a golden retriever and a cat captured on camera for us all to enjoy.

The dog, named Duo Duo, and his best friend cat named Snowball love cuddling up and licking each other all day.

The pair grew up together and have developed a very strong bond, despite their clear differences.


Duo Duo and Snowball are pictured cuddling up together A pet owner in China has documented the adorable friendship between his golden retriever and cat

Check out the adorable video below of them grooming and cuddling with each other:

Their human has been sharing lots of footage of them online for us to enjoy, and we love it!

Duo Duo and Snowball share a strong bond after growing up together Their owner has been sharing videos of them online

The pair are always by each other’s side, nothing separates them, not even sleeping!


The furry best friends are always by each other’s side, even when they are sleeping Footage shows Snowball looking blissful while snuggling up to Duo Duo which is nibbling on its ears

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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