Adorable Moment Bear Cub Cuddles Up To Its Mother And Gives Her A Kiss

All young children yearn for their mother’s attention, and this cute bear cub is no different.

In the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany, a young brown bear was seen spending some quality time with his mother while cuddling and giving her a sweet kiss.

Tragically, the cub just lost his only two siblings, which makes these heartwarming photos even more meaningful.

Photographer Stefan Meyers observed the duo for a full week, keeping an eye on them for six to eight hours each day to get the stunning images.

“In spring, the mother bear gave birth to three cubs. Sadly two of them died in early April.”

“Nobody knows exactly what has happened. The third cub is still in good health but very small.”

“I stayed at the bear viewing area for more than one week. Waiting and watching for between six and eight hours each day.”

“There was not much activity most of the time, they slept a lot, but for about one hour each day, she would feed and play with her cub.”

He said that they frequently bathed at a nearby tiny lake.

“It was difficult to get pictures because most of the time, the bears were hidden by trees and shrubs,’ he added.”

“But I’m glad to have spent so much time with the bear and her cub. It was really lovely to see and a great experience.”

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!