Photographer Captures Adorable Lion Couple Cuddling + Gallery Of Cute Animals Sleeping

Here we present an adorable gallery of animals doing what they love best, having a snooze!

See the lions, dogs, seals, gorillas, otters, and more below cuddling up with their loved ones, and in their cutest positions… Sleeping.

On a warm, sunny day at Lisbon Zoo in Portugal a male lion lies with his arm over a lioness as they get some shut eye on the warmth of their stony enclosure. Lions tend to hunt nocturnally so most of their sleep is during the day, although lions in zoos sleep around five hours less than those who live in the wild

Our favorite, the male lion asleep on the floor with his arm over a lioness, just like they are spooning.

Lions are often asleep in the day as they hunt nocturnally, they also love to make the most of the warmth of the ground.

A polar bear fast asleep on the sea ice. Much like us the majestic bears will sleep for around seven to eight hours each day, but because the light in the Arctic warps day and night, they sleep whenever it takes their fancy

This polar bear has fallen asleep in a peculiar position on the sea ice. Polar bears typically sleep for around eight hours a day, just like us humans.

Although they don’t have a pattern like us and instead sleep whenever they feel like it.

Lions snoozing on a broken tree trunk. Male lions spend an incredible 18 to 20 hours a day snoozing, while lionesses slumber for around 15 to 18 hours

Lions are often found sleeping in/on trees. Did you know male lions sleep for up to 20 hours a day!

An adorable sleeping bulldog puppy, all dog owners will know that puppies sleep pretty much all day (18 to 20 hours) when they are this young as they expend so much energy learning about the world

A bulldog pup, when they are this young they can sleep pretty much all day! Exploring a new world is tiring work!

A slumbering seal gets some shut eye in the water. When seals sleep in the water they do so in a position known as 'bottling', this is where their body, except for their head is submerged. They sleep with just half their brain, while the other half remains alert to any potential dangers

Seals breathe in oxygen, yet they live in the sea. So they sleep in a position called ‘bottling,’ which means only their head is out of the water while their body is submerged in water.

Did you know that they only sleep with one half of their brain at a time, just like most other marine mammals, this is to remain alert for potential dangers.

An otter sleeps as he slips through the water, resting both of his hands above his chest. The glorious posture of serenity is common among sea otters and helps them to balance while drifting in the land of nod. Sea otters also hold hands when sleeping alongside each other to keep from moving apart in the water

You may have seen this before, sea otters rest both their hands on their chest while sleeping to help them balance.

A tanny owl sleeping inside a snug tree hollow in Kersberga, Sweden. Owls sleep during the day to conserve their energy for hunting at night. The older they get the less time they are able to spend in REM sleep - rapid eye movement sleep - common among all mammals and birds during which the sleeper experiences vivid dreams

A tanny owl sleeping inside a tree hollow, looking very camouflaged!

A bold squirrel investigates a leopard out for the count on a convenient y-branch of a tree. The nocturnal creatures spend much of their day sleeping to conserve energy for long nights of hunting. Taking time out in trees helps them to avoid attack from other animals

A brave squirrel checking out a sleeping leopard on a tree branch, same as lions, these big cats hunt nocturnally so sleep in the day.

A sleeping gorilla at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda. Gorillas, which make their beds on the floor of the jungle unlike many other primates, sleep for around 12 hours each day

Quite possible the cutest solo sleeping position we have ever seen. Gorillas sleep for around 12 hours a day on the jungle floor.

A lynx kitten asleep in a hilarious position on a tree, and a snowy owl.

Black bears cuddling as they sleep inside a tree. During the winter months black bears will hibernate for around seven months to escape the cold, during which time they don't eat or drink and use the energy they have stored up as their metabolism slows down

Black bear couple cuddling up as they sleep inside a tree.

Dexter the beagle enjoying a cosy nap between two kittens at home in Staplehurst, England. Most dogs sleep for around 12 to 14 hours every day, while cats doze off for 12 to 16 hours per day

Now, this is a rare sight, a beagle and two cats cuddling with each other.

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Written by Joe Kahlo