20-Year-Old Dog Still Loves To Snuggle With Her Stuffed Banana

Meet Tessa, a 20-year-old terrier mix who has always been wildly protective of those that she loves

She loves her family, her mom, and other siblings, but nothing comes close to her toy banana.

She loves it, and despite it not being a living thing, to Tessa, it’s her pride and joy, and she loves showing it off

Tessa’s mom Shanna Loren says she bought the toy five years back after Tessa’s favorite toy at the time was destroyed by a foster dog.


Talking to The Dodo, she said: “I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store but I knew it was the size of toys she likes. She immediately took to the banana the moment I gave it to her.” 

Tessa is so proud of her toy, she loves to show it off whenever someone visits.

“She wants people to acknowledge it before she will go put it down,” Loren said. “And when she puts it down, she puts it in whatever bed she considers best.” 


She won’t give up until she gets her way, “We instruct guests to tell her that they saw her banana so she can go lay back down.”

“It’s funny now that she’s deaf to have our friends yelling at her, ‘I LIKE YOUR BANANA, TESSA!’” 


“She’s never once allowed it to be a ‘play toy,’” Loren said. “It’s her one little possession and it’s her life.”

We love you Tessa!

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!