150lb Giant Great Dane Turns Into Sweetest Foster Dad To Tiny Kittens

It’s an understatement to say Corbin is a large dog. He’s 150 pounds of legs and affection as a Great Dane, and the better words to describe him are ‘gentle giant.’

People will cross the road because he’s so huge, Karen told the Dodo, “yet they don’t know that he’s terrified of his own shadow.”

Corbin’s heart is greater than his body, and kittens make this huge dog’s heart melt.

Karen has been fostering kittens with the Ontario SPCA & Humane Society for a few years. 

Karen’s foster kittens are enough to make anybody happy, but “the highlight of his (Corbin’s) day is when he is allowed to come and spend some time with the kittens.”

Karen, on the other hand, took care to keep Corbin away from the foster kittens at first. 

He was just extremely large, and she was concerned about an unintentional paw stepping in the wrong spot. In addition, his size makes him clumsy.

“He trips over everything, he sits on people, he sits on our dogs.”

Corbin, though, had had enough of Karen’s worries and dashed past her into the kitten room. 

Even though he was so enormous to their so small, Corbin proved to be the gentlest dog kitten foster dad ever!  

He likes to lick the kittens with his enormous canine tongue, yet he’s always careful around the little kittens, acting like a perfect mom cat!

One kitten, in particular, stands out as Corbin’s dearest friend among the foster kittens he has cared for.

From the minute she met him, Jesper fell in love with the gigantic dog. The small tabby cat relished the opportunity to be close to her larger pal.

“She would chew on his paws a little bit and I think it was just her way of saying, ‘Hey, Corbin, I’m here. I’m beside you. Hang out with me.”

“The two of them just connected,” Karen said of witnessing the couple build a friendship. “It was delightful.”

Now that Jesper has found a new home, Corbin misses her, but he understands that adoption is the aim and his mother is proud of him for his kind nature.

“The fact that he has this capacity, I just adore it in him,” said Karen.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!