15 Of The Funniest Entries From The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards come around once a year and continue to entertain everyone with a delightful bunch of entries.

Each year, the quality of the entries surprise us and the judges with both their technical and comedic value.

Behind the hilarity, lies a solemn message from the founders, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. “Remember, we are all about conservation.”

“We want you to take up our banner of wildlife conservation, bang the drum, beat the cymbal and make some noise, we need to spread the word – wildlife, as we know it, is in danger. all over the world and we need to do something to help save it.”

“You can start by going and having a look at what the Born Free Foundation are doing at

The judges have the impossible task of narrowing down all the entries to 40 of the best.

Here are our 15 favorites of those 40 from 2019, which ones do you like?

“Personally I think this is the best selection of finalists we’ve yet had.”

“The competition is reaching more and more people and we had thousands of entries from approximately 80 countries. We love that this nature photography competition is border free!” Said Founder Tom Sullam

“Our key message this year is that everyone can do their bit to help conservation. It doesn’t need to be a huge effort, just a little effort by each of us and we can make a difference. We have a few tips and tricks for people to make easy conservation initiatives:”

Apparently, the photographers are a mix of 70% amateur and 30% professional, this makes for a very wide variety of animal images.

“Our strong belief here at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is that the smallest thing can help conservation. By following Born Free on social media you have made one positive step.”

“By supporting them financially, you make another big step. By sharing our posts, by buying the book, by keeping the conversation going… all these things help raise the issues of wild animal conservation.”

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!