15 Birds That Are So Adorably Round, They’ll Roll Straight Into Your Heart

We all love cute animals, in all shapes and sizes. Whether that’s a cute puppy, or an adorable fully grown German shepherd.

Today we are going through our favorite round animals, specifically birds. Celebrating the perfectly spherical, adorable flying orbs.

The pink robin is so colorful and is basically a tennis ball.

Not all ducks are made the same, and this one is certainly on the round side of things

The bearded reedling is a bird + orb = bird that can do the splits

The long-tailed tit looks like a big ball of floating cotton candy.

The Eurasian blue tit, quite a common bird, but never usually this round!

Just to confirm, all the photos you are seeing, are real and these animals are all this perfectly round, no photoshop.

This plumbeous may have been named based on its roundness.

This Eurasian bull-finch can easily be mistaken for a peach!

Have you ever seen such a round owl?

This roundly goldcrest has a golden mohawk. Oh and is also extremely round!

The long tailed tit looks like a baseball with wings

Another owl, wow are they the roundest of all birds?

Yes, I think the owl takes the trophy

Here’s a golden round Pickachu (Yellow Tanager)

The fiery throated hummingbird looks like it has a ball of fire inside it

Finally we end with probably the biggest, yet adorable Takahe

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!