Husky Howls With Delight After It’s Reunited With Its Human Dad In Ukraine

This is the joyous moment a husky howls with excitement after it is reunited with its human dad after being found half-dead in Ukraine.

Meet Nessy, a happy-go-lucky husky found by Ukrainian soldiers after taking back control of Russia’s month-long occupation of the capital.

Nessy is seen running, tail wagging, before reaching its owner and howling with sheer joy at being reunited

Nessy was separated from her human father when the Russian forces came, but footage recently came out of her being reunited with him.

You can see her running before eyeing her father, you can then see her frantically wagging her tail and howling with joy.

Here’s that moment on video:

She was found by a group of Belarussian soldiers who have volunteered in Ukraine called the Kastus Kalinouskiv Battalion.

They planned a reunion after managing to find Nessy’s human, and shared the footage on Facebook with the caption: “A little positive in these difficult times.”

Nessy was discovered when Ukrainian forces took back control of the town in Kyiv following Russia's month-long occupation which left the area destroyed and many people dead

“During Bucha’s release, we found Nessy, the dog, left alone. But thanks to our friends we found her hosts and today she is back to them.”

Nessy's owner can be seen spreading his arms as he prepares to embrace his dog after being separated during Russia's occupation of Bucha

“Look at this emotional moment. As long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of not only humans but every animal.”

A video showed Nessy running quickly when catching a glimpse of the owner across a car park

What a beautiful story in such difficult times!

Written by Alice Joan