Amazing Moment A Brave Mouse Runs Up To Cat For Cuddles After Being Chased

This is the moment a cat and mouse appear to strike an adorable friendship after the mouse was seen cuddling up to the cat after being chased about.

Trending footage shows the rodent running and hiding under the feline’s belly, seemingly asking for cuddles after just being chased around by the cat, reported Chinese media

You can see the small rodent running up to the cat’s belly and hiding underneath it, presumably requesting cuddles.

Many people online couldn’t help but make comparisons to Tom and Jerry, who despite how much they fight, can’t live without one another.

Netizens compared the animals' love-hate relationship to the one between Tom and Jerry, the beloved cartoon characters which can't live without each other no matter how much they fight

Here’s the adorable video:

At the beginning of the video, you can see the cat chasing the mouse around the street.

But it was soon clear that the sweet cat had no intention of causing harm to the little mouse, as it stopped chasing it and lay down.

Suddenly, the mouse made the unexpected move of running towards the cat and cozying up to it.

The mouse, which was watching in the distance, suddenly made an unusual move It started running up to the cat and hid underneath its furry friend’s belly, seemingly asking for cuddles after the long chase

The feline seemed to oblige to the mouse’s request and lay there happily while snuggling up to its new little friend.

The feline appeared to have happily accepted the request while curling up its body and snuggled up to the mouse as the pair seemingly enjoyed a moment of friendship, reports said

‘They seem to be getting along even better than Tom and Jerry!’

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Written by Joe Kahlo